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When combing out your hair extensions, start from the bottom and work your way to the root of the hair. Gently remove any knots, while holding the hair at the root. This will prevent the hair from excessive shedding. We recommend combing your extensions daily.


Refrain from using excessive heat.Have your hair extensions professionally tightened every 4 to 6 weeks for longer wear.


Try sleeping on a satin pillowcase so that you are able to move your head freely without causing breakage or loosening your extensions.


The adhesive that you use to attach your lace unit can be ultimately damaging if not removed properly. When removing adhesive and residue from the lace of your unit be sure to use C-22 Solvent (found at the hair store). The glue should be removed from your unit EACH and EVERY time you take off your unit. Because of the delicacy of the lace, much care must be taken to remove the glue.


Always comb out any tangles BEFORE shampooing your hair. Wet hair can increase damage of your natural and extensions hair.Only use shampoo/conditioner/ NO LEAVE IN CONDITIONER. 


Apply shampoo starting at the roots, gently smooth the shampoo and conditioner in your hair by using your fingertips.


Be sure to rinse your extensions thoroughly to remove residue. 


Rid excess water by wringing the hair with a towel and let it air dry. Always air dry your hair! If blow drying hair, always use heat protectant. 


UsE products that are specially designed to keep your unit feeling soft and manageable. Your unit will be beautiful looking as the day you first bought it. Avoid products containing alcohol as they are known to dull the shine of the hair. We DO NOT suggest the use of oil on hair extensions, as this will wear the hair down. If you must use an oil, a light shine or mist is recommended.




Argan Oil 

Design Essentials 

Silicon Mix 

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